Acclaim Accreditation: The Health & Safety Assessment Scheme for Constructionline Members

Acclaim Accreditation is a new health and safety assessment scheme provided by Capita Property and Infrastructure, exclusive to Constructionline members. The scheme enables contractors, sub-contractors and material suppliers to get their health & safety processes assessed as a part of their Constructionline membership.

Acclaim Accreditation is a member of ‘Safety Schemes In Procurement’ (SSIP), which is an umbrella organisation for stage 1 health and safety assessment schemes. SSIP is recognised by a large and growing number of buyers within the construction industry. This gives us, as suppliers, the freedom to choose the scheme that suits us – eliminating the need to collect multiple accreditations to appease different buyers.
Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) was developed to:

  • Act as an umbrella body, which is recognised by a large and growing number of buyers
  • Give confidence to buyers that we’ve been successfully assessed to the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 and SSIP core criteria
  • Reduce duplication

Summary of the benefits of this health and safety scheme


The Acclaim Accreditation questionnaire contains just twelve questions and doesn’t require us to duplicate any information already provided as part of our Constructionline membership.


Built on the principles of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), the Acclaim Accreditation assessment is undertaken by the experts at Capita Property and Infrastructure, who are a leading health and safety consultancy firm within construction. They even provide us with their assessor’s comments, assuring a fair and transparent assessment process for all.

Most importantly, by us having joined the Acclaim Accreditation scheme, you can rest assured that we have met stage one health and safety requirements.  Choosing Acclaim Accreditation also means that we are streamlining our processes and reducing unnecessary administration costs in applying for health and safety assessments through multiple agencies.