Anderson Group

Anderson Group via Tarbin Plumbing and Heating Limited.

The end client is the newly built National Autistic School in Chigwell, Essex.

Ventilation for specialist education

Working alongside our partners Tarbin Plumbing and for the overall project leaders Anderson Group, we were asked by the client to look into providing a solution for a new ventilation system that would quietly and efficiently provide the facility with warmth when required, and fresh, filtered air all year round, improving the indoor air quality and reducing dust and allergen levels. In addition the client required an air conditioning system to provide cooling for the sites I.T. server and switch rooms.

Our Recommendations

Thermalair recommended the installation of a number of Nuaire air handling units (ahu’s) for the ventilation system. The units were to be located in classrooms and other appropriate areas, with a system comprised of indoor ceiling units connected to outdoor units via ductwork.

For the cooling requirement, we recommended installing Daikin wall mounted systems. Thermalair are D1 partners of Daikin and offer 7 year warranty on the equipment provided.

The Project

Thermalair met the client on site and thoroughly explained the recommendations, in the process of establishing a good relationship with the client, and helping them to understand the benefits of our recommendations. Our proactive approach, and attention to detail saw us win the project ahead of numerous other companies. We were able to demonstrate that Thermalair provided the best solution and offered the best value proposition.

Meeting Deadlines

We were asked to deliver the installation to a tight timescale, looking at client preferred locations for duct routes, working with the builder to ensure the best locations for the AHU’s. We were able to meet all of the client requirements throughout the duration of the project, notwithstanding the job in hand required Thermalair to use it’s considerable organizational skills and knowledge of extensive projects of this nature. A good example of our experienced and skills were the position of the roof units which were very heavy and needed craning into position. Thermalair organized this and successfully positioned the units exactlywhere planned.

The Outcome

Positioning the above ceiling ductwork, required skilled engineering and, again, was carried out as planned and with no issues for the client whatsoever. The end result being a number of systems installed, comprising outdoor unit, connected to indoor diffusers via insulated ductwork.

This extensive project ran very smoothly with Thermalair completing the works before the allocated deadlines, with an installation that was completed to a highest standard with no return visits required. To follow the installation a full maintenance agreement has been agreed and in pace to ensure full efficiency of the systems throughout the year.