Consultancy is the key to getting the best performance!

At Thermalair we often come across inefficiency in HVAC and refrigeration systems, and sometimes unfortunately due to bad advice the client has received previously. Our initial consultancy service has proven popular, and helps businesses to make the right decisions around HVAC and refrigeration.

Our team at Thermalair are certainly well qualified, and our consultants are perfectly placed to provide the best advice for our clients. Providing initial consultancy can be a simple or a complex task, and this depends on the extent of the infrastructure requirements we are dealing with. However, even the simplest of projects need the right advice from the start, or the client could be missing out on potential bill savings that new efficient technology can provide.

A typical example of this was a recent project we consulted on, which was a large retail warehouse that was running a rather antiquated gas fired warm air heating system. The premises had a very large open glass frontage which created a sun trap in the summer, but required considerable heating throughout the winter. Although the gas fired system was reasonably efficient, it wasn’t conducive to providing a consistent air temperature right across the premises, and also certainly inefficient in regards to running costs. It was also pretty noisy, and costs to run it over a five-month winter period amounted to approximately £4,000, not including any maintenance costs.

Planning and recommendations

It was important to look at the space properly, and look at how we can plan the placement of modern climate control system, which would have a positive impact on cost savings, but also the temperature right across the premises.

Interestingly, the premises used solar panels for electricity, so installing a system that could benefit from the solar input would potentially have a major impact on that £4,000 winter cost. The solar panels were generating a considerable amount of electricity, so to tap into that by installing a modern and efficient climate control system not only gave the company a cheap heating solution from November through to March, it provided air conditioning during the hotter summer months, and was extremely beneficial with the south facing glass frontage. The reduction in running cost was an obvious benefit,  but providing a more comfortable working environment for staff would improve productivity for the company.

We also looked at the payback period, which was approximately three years. So an approximate £10,000 installation created a long-term saving for the client.

This project is typical of our consultancy service, and many of our peers would probably have seen a greater long-term financial benefit to maintaining an old and tired out system. At Thermalair we continually strive to save our customers money first and foremost, and the obvious cost savings with increased energy efficiency is always top of our agenda.

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