Denny Bros Compressor Duct Work Ensures Compressor Keeps Its Cool

denny-bros-023Thermalair where called into Denny Bros, Bury St Edmunds to discuss requirements for a overheating requirement on the Avelair Compressor, which is situated in a housing compartment on the roof.

Upon our site visit it was apparent that in the summer months, with temperatures well into the 30s, and the added heat from the compressor, that there would be an issue with the compressor overheating and causing internal damage to it.

We therefore liaised with the manufacturer to discuss our issues with the heat and came to the conclusion of trying to divert the heat away from the area.










We decided that fitting a discharge duct situated on top of the compressor which would raise up vertical slightly off setting the roofing purling and was to be fitted through the canopy with a 90 degree bend and bird beak with mesh to discharge the heat away.


The heat issue caused us another problem in the fact that the compressor is sited near a bank of air conditioning condensers, which in turn create a lot of heat and with this in mind we designed a Manuel damper that we can access and change between the winter and summer months to allow for the heat to be extracted away in the summer and in the winter to be blown into the area of condensers to stop the build up of possible frost collect and to help with performance in the winter months.