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If your air conditioning unit is proving expensive, here are some simple tips to improve energy efficiency!

If your air conditioning unit is proving expensive, here are some simple tips to improve energy efficiency!

As energy costs start to rise once again, there is a need for businesses to monitor their energy output looking at ways to save energy costs, efficiency of air conditioning systems is one such area businesses can explore to make some savings. Either regular maintenance by air conditioning professionals or some simple tasks and checks you can carry out yourself are all beneficial and create cost saving opportunities.

Older systems are certainly less efficient in comparison to the more modern energy efficient systems we install nowadays, but all units benefit from regular cleaning and checks. Here are a few tips you can consider to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning and reduce that escalating energy bill…

  • Clean debris from the unit’s housing ensuring there is a sufficiency clearance around it. Leaves, bird feathers and other debris can become lodged which will effect the efficiency of the unit. Also, where the unit is at ground level, bushes and plants should be trimmed back so there is enough clearance for the unit to operate efficiently.
  • Check air filters to check they are clean, as dirty filters slow down the circulation of air. Sometimes filters are beyond cleaning, and this is when you will need the service of a professional to replace damaged or worn out filters. These should at the very least be changed annually.
  • The ventilation flaps or fins are very often bumped or closed if the unit is in proximity of people, and this will restrict proper air flow to the unit. If damaged these would need to be replaced to maximise efficiency.
  • Shading of an exterior unit is important, either by natural means of overhead trees or by installing a cover to block the sun’s heat. Shaded units operate up to 10 percent more efficiently if they are protected from the sun.
  • Set temperature settings or timers to reduce the need or output during night time, or when your building is vacant. A huge amount of energy is wasted because air conditioning units are running through the night, so worth making sure you only use the unit when needed.
  • Improve ventilation – Sometimes better ventilation can reduce the requirements of the unit to work hard in cooling your office or building. Good ventilation is also much more conducive to a better working environment for your teams.
  • Although it is very nice to have the sun bursting through a window, this also creates a great deal of heat, so strategically placed shading can make a huge different to how hard the air conditioning unit needs to work.
  • Badly fitting doors or windows, or even shutting doors to the outside can reduce energy. Just like the air conditioning in your car, shutting exterior openings can greatly reduce how hard your unit has to work, without of course being detrimental to the ventilation your premises requires.

If you find that your air conditioning isn’t working properly, or still eating up energy costs having followed our simple guide, the professional team at Thermalair can advise on the next steps to take, whether that is a full service of the unit, or replacing with a modern efficient air conditioning system. Remember, the latest systems are more geared towards temperature control, so cater for heating and cooling requirements, with further savings to be made on your energy bill.