The temperature is dropping, are you HVAC ready?

winter-is-comingWe are now unfortunately seeing the last of British summer time, and the statutory Boots and M&S TV advertisements will be upon us soon. Temperatures are dipping and the night is setting in before many of us have left the office or factory.

It’s the time when Thermalair get very busy with the servicing of HVAC systems. Your HVAC environment will need to be ready with changing temperatures, and very often it is the time where system problems are highlighted, or that tired equipment starts to break down.

If your system isn’t ready for the cold weather, it is important to note that the average demand for heating within a commercial building is 33% of energy consumption, so inefficiency can be costly throughout the duration of a winter season, with a direct and negative impact on your bottom line.

So how to prepare your HVAC system for winter, and what to consider…


Replacement – Any system that is older than 10 years will have certainly lost efficiency, even if it has been regularly serviced. We have seen efficiency on older systems drop to as much as half the originally stated manufacturers efficiency statistics, or to put it another way, the cost to run the system almost doubles. Before spending on your existing system consider the cost to replace and the payback period relative to modern systems that are a great deal more energy efficient than those installed over 10 years ago. The latest and most advanced technology includes remote monitoring, so we can inform you when there is an issue with your HVAC system.

Servicing and filter replacement – If you decide to keep your existing system, being prepared means a good overhaul or service of the existing system. Changing filters, calibrating thermostats and a full inspection and service is required to make sure it is running as efficient as it should be. With many moving parts, and the cost of an inefficient heating system, you can easily realise the financial rewards of regular maintenance.

Programmable Thermostats – Many older systems don’t have this type of technology, and could be a very worthwhile investment for your HVAC system. It provides the opportunity to program and regulate temperature throughout the day, and across your premises. This can provide a potential cost saving of up to 75%, for what in most circumstances is a relatively cost effective installation.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements – At Thermalair we can put in place a maintenance agreement which ultimately saves cost by running your system at peak performance. This also provides peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system is less likely to break down, and if it does have a problem our Maintenance Agreement customers get priority call out to resolve any system problems quickly, therefore limiting the impact on your business.

Preventive maintenance is always the best course of action with heating systems, and we strongly advice that systems are checked at the very least on an annual basis, and the Autumn is perfect time, preparing your business for the winter months. Protecting your capital investment and adhering to business continuity plans is important for most businesses, whether you have a relatively small office environment or a large industrial premises with a complex HVAC installation.

If you would like to talk to us about your HVAC systems in regards to replacement, servicing or preventive maintenance utilising our efficient maintenance agreements, contact us today!